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Medical Record Retrieval Services

Fill up our order form and send us your medical authorizations or subpoena requests and we will take care of the rest! Our services include preparing Subpoenas for Production of Records and Notices, serving the opposing counsels and health care providers then on-site copying we fulfill all administrative duties required to complete the request, including faxing, mailing and follow-up phone calls. Our trained and HIPPA compliant staff will set an appointment to copy the records as specified and as efficiently as possible. We will ensure your request does not get overlooked and completed in timely manner to be in compliance with your discovery process.

In-House Copying Service

If your office receives voluminous records requests, free up your staff’s time by allowing Coast to Coast Legal Services to process the requests – AT NO COST TO YOU! We will copy all requests on a weekly or bi-monthly basis and bill each job individually.

Mobile Scanning

Coast to Coast Legal Services now offer on-site mobile scanning throughout our listed 7 Counties. If you need employee files or medical records copied, allow us to retrieve those documents for you. Your firm will be provided a digital or hard copy of the documents upon your request. Those files can be uploaded and obtained through a secure login on our website any time.